Who is CBMS?

CBMS is a dedicated unit of installers and merchandisers who are focused on providing you with a higher standard of retail execution. With hundreds of projects completed, we have proven our success through exceptional service and collaborative partnerships.

At the end of the day, CBMS is a family business with a passion for connecting with our customers on a personal level and turning their retail dreams into reality.

Why Choose CBMS?

With CBMS, we will work very closely and carefully with you to define the scope of work and develop a project blueprint. We will then manage the transitions of the project to reduce the impact to your store, your staff, and your customers.

You will receive a single point of contact to address our entire on-demand network. Along with the backing of our management team who has direct corporate experience with a range of retailers and manufacturers, CBMS will be sure to turn your merchandising and installation ideas and concepts into hard results that will ultimately maximize your value.

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