It is well known that the biggest competitor today’s retail stores have is online stores.  It is crucial for the maintenance and growth of a retail business to find creative ways to bring customers back to stores from the online shopping world.  It is hard to beat the convenience of online shopping, but the in-store experience can be much more rewarding for shoppers and more often results in purchases that meet the satisfaction of the consumer.  Canada’s Best Merchandising Services (CBMS) can help assess your retail display needs to improve flow in your store with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and growing your business.

To achieve the goal of bringing online shoppers back to the store, it is useful to understand the shopper’s behavior and patterns.  The retail environment is arranged in a way that makes customers walk in a certain traffic pattern to influence purchasing behavior. The more the retailer understands those patterns, the more the retail display and shelving installation can influence the sale.   Canada’s Best Merchandising Services understands these patterns and using this information, can help you implement display solutions via retail display shelving installation.

There are some things to consider when you want to improve the retail display shelving installation in your retail store, including:

–          Shopability – to offer a more satisfying shopping experience, retailers have to be sure that the customers have easy access to the product. A well installed retail display or shelving installation can provide this accessibility that the clients are looking for.

–          Findability – If customers can’t find what they are looking for quickly, they will most likely look for another brand or category or even give up on the purchase. If the products are in retail displays or shelving installations that make the product easy to find, the probability of having a successful purchase is higher.

At Canada’s Best Merchandising Services (CBMS), we can help you arrange retail display shelving installation to maximize sales and profitability in your retail store.  Our team of experts will help you find the best retail displays and shelving installations for your store to improve the flow and patterns in your store.  CBMS serves our valued customers in Toronto, Ontario and across Canada.