The retail market is rapidly growing in Canada.  Consumerism is at an all-time high and customers demand quality and service given the level of competition in the marketplace.  A great way to bring customers to your business is through organized, effective retail merchandising and display shelving.  It is a known fact that customers gravitate towards products that are well-placed and organized on display shelving that is expertly installed.  Canada’s Best Merchandising Services (CBMS) relies on our expert retail merchandisers and installers to ensure our customers put their best foot forward in terms of retail displays.

Canada’s Best Merchandising Services is now recruiting for retail merchandisers and installers.   Join our expert team to build a career in the growing merchandising industry.   Choosing a career in a growing industry is the best way to ensure career stability and success.  As the retail market explodes, and new stores are opening every day, CBMS is ready to serve our valued clients with professional, expert staff.    

Canada’s Best Merchandising Services has large contracts with many retailers throughout Canada and in the Toronto area.  Working with large retailers is a great way to gain industry knowledge and experience.  Our dedicated team at CBMS works with speed and precision to help our clients grow their businesses quickly and efficiently.  Improve your skills and work with a great team that has the knowledge and experience to create dream retail stores for clients.

CBMS is now recruiting installers and retail merchandisers to work on projects around Toronto, Ontario as well as across Canada. If you are dedicated, willing to travel throughout Canada and able to work within short deadlines, visit our website to learn more about our company and the positions available: