The growth of the retail sector is skyrocketing in Canada, growing 96% faster than the Canadian economy between 2004 and 2008. Given this large increase in the retail industry, managers are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, whether it is promoting sales, new pricing strategies or unique shelving layouts.  Everything counts when it comes to attracting customers and influencing their purchasing behavior. A retail merchandiser and installer can offer merchandising and display solutions that are simple, organized and cost efficient to manage risk, face competition and grow a business.

Canada’s Best Merchandising Services (CBMS) is looking to add to our knowledgeable, dedicated team due to the recent growth of retail stores throughout Canada.  This increase in resources will allow us to manage the growing number of stores that are expanding and the demand for a qualified, knowledgeable retail merchandiser or a retail installer to work the logistics of their store. Canada’s Best Merchandising Services is proud of our commitment to our employees and clients.  We consistently foster a culture of learning and growth for our employees and offer competitive salary as well as a superior working environment.

Canada’s Best Merchandising Services is offering the right candidate the opportunity to work with some of the biggest retailers in Canada. If you are dedicated, want to travel around Canada, careful with deadlines and details, contact us to see about joining our dynamic team as a retail merchandiser and installer.  Please email us at to apply for our positions of retail merchandiser and retail installer.

Canada’s Best Merchandising Services serves our retail clients in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada.