Retail is a very dynamic industry loaded with a number of large Canadian and non-Canadian retailers. They bring new products to the market and new ways of doing business. The most important factors in a retail business are a considerable pricing strategy, effective logistic systems and convenience. Supermarkets, specialty stores and department stores introduce various kinds of in-store innovations such as bar codes, more efficient store layout, shelving, and more. This would not be possible without retail merchandising and retail installation specialists.

When a retail business is planning to expand its presence and open a new store, timing is a key factor. Therefore, retail businesses contract a professional logistics, installing and merchandising company like Canada’s Best Merchandising Services (CBMS). Known for its excellence in customer service and project completion, CBMS’s strength is in its dedicated team of retail installer and retail merchandiser experts. With various projects being carried out in Ontario and across Canada, CBMS is always recruiting for retail installer and retail merchandiser jobs.

What Skills Are Needed to Work as a Retail Installer or Retail Merchandiser

For those who are looking for retailer installer jobs or retail merchandiser jobs CBMS is the right choice. You will be working with some of Canada’s largest retailers. As a retail installer or retail merchandiser, you will enjoy a fast-paced, exciting work environment. You will ensure all fixtures are installed and all products are displayed with current merchandise reflecting the latest market trends.

We are now hiring retail installer and retail merchandiser specialists to execute various projects in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada. If you are attentive to details, willing to travel regularly and able to work within tight deadlines, then this retail installer or retail merchandiser job is the right choice. Email us at for retail installer recruiting and jobs or retail merchandiser recruiting and jobs offered at CBMS.