When opening a new business, there is always risk involved due to many factors, including market volatility.  Is your business location a good one?  Is there a market for your products and services in the area you have chosen?  Will customers come to your store?  All of these questions are important and knowing the answers will give you an insight into how your business will fare prior to opening.  Canada’s Best Merchandising Service (CBMS) conducts detailed site surveys for our clients to find the answers to these important questions to help ensure success.  CBMS is a retail industry support service that works with your company to give you the best chance at success when opening a new retail store or renovating an existing one.  Knowing the market and your customers prior to opening a new store or renovating an existing one is imperative to achieve your goals and to grow your business.

Site surveys gather potential customer’s opinions on many facets of your proposed business.  The results of the survey will allow you to deliver exactly what your customer wants.  Canada’s Best Merchandising Services offers you inexpensive and effective site surveys to help you make vital business decisions prior to opening.  CBMS also offers retail store merchandising solutions to maximize your store’s results. Once you have site survey results, our expert team can help with merchandising as well as retail shelving installation to ensure your store is as customer friendly as possible.

Your partnership with CBMS will allow you to enjoy service from a company who has as principal goal of helping its clients grow their business with services that are simple and cost-effective, including retail store merchandising solutions and site surveys. Canada’s Best Merchandising Services knows that predicting risk is important in today’s retail market and can work with you to minimize that risk with various tools including site surveys.

At CBMS we work closely with our customers to assess requirements and define the project. We will strive to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, customer service and value.  Canada’s Best Merchandising Services offers excellent retail solutions for new and growing businesses in Toronto, Ontario, and throughout Canada.