Industries that have chosen Canada’s Best Merchandising Services



Sector: Grocery Shop
About the project: From shelving and custom mill work to metal, glass , plastic and lightening, these are all supported by design, installation and merchandising services. Making this kind of turn-key solution easily repeatable in each Longo’s location.



Sector: Pet store
About the project: The challenge has been both building and renovating hundreds of stores across the country at a fast pace. We supplied all the store fixtures from complex custom mill work and metal elements to standard elements and imported products. We created an inviting and interactive shopping experience. PetValu relied on our skills as merchandising experts, store planners and even construction professionals. Cost effective, time saving, worry-free.



Sector: Department store, Retail
About the project: Canada’s Best updated 35 stores across the country with a unique merchandising plan including customer service relocation while avoided disruption in daily shopping traffic. Canada’s Best supplied TSC with all elements from shelving to custom mill work, metal fixtures to merchandising parts.



Sector: Coffee shop
About the project: Over the years we developed a close partnership with Starbucks based on mutual respect and collaboration. Both the experience with their equipment and knowledge of their store philosophy are strategic assets where partnership rests on. We design, engineer and produce custom elements successfully tailoring product to the requirements of the specific locations. All stores utilized, reclaimed and locally sourced environmentally friendly materials.